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Has the car broken down but the tax refund will not come in until later? When the money presses before the tax refund, it can be good with some extra time to pay back a loan. With Message Loans, you can now take out a loan with an extra long repayment period through their Tax campaign.

Message Loans offer an extended time to repay at no extra cost. If you borrow 2000 – 6500 USD with a repayment period on a payment, you get up to 70 days to pay. You do not have to repay the amount until May 27th.


Tax campaign with extended repayment period

Tax campaign with extended repayment period

When you encounter unexpected expenses before the tax refund arrives, the Tax Promotion from Message Loans can be a good solution. You can easily apply to borrow 2000 – 6500 USD. If you choose to repay the loan in a payment, you will receive an extended repayment period until 27 May 2019.

It is completely free of charge and no extra costs are added for the longer term. All loans that meet the conditions automatically receive the longer repayment period. As a result, the earlier you borrow, the longer you have to pay back.


What amounts can I borrow with Tax Campaign?

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To get the longer repayment period, your loan needs to meet some simple requirements. You can borrow from $ 2000 up to and including $ 6500. You also need to choose to repay the loan in a payment. If you are granted the loan, you will receive the money immediately but the invoice will have a due date on May 27, 2019. On the website, the promotional loan was marked with an orange box.

Before you borrow, we recommend that you review your financial situation so that you are guaranteed to pay back the loan on time. In case of delayed payments, high delays are added. Therefore, it is important that you pay off the loan on time.


Lina suffers an unexpected expense. Her tooth breaks just before pay with an expensive bill at the dentist as a result. Lina sees the Tax Campaign at Message Loans where she can get extended repayment time at no extra cost. She is therefore applying for a loan of $ 4000 on March 25, 2019 so that she can pay the dentist.

Since Lina has the same bank as Message Loan and got her application approved during their opening hours, she gets the money 15 minutes after she signed the loan. The invoice for the loan comes to Lina’s home. It will have a due date on May 27, 2019 and she will have to pay $ 4553.


Summary of Tax campaign

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Message Loans offers a Tax Promotion where you can get extra time to repay the loan if the loan meets certain criteria.

  • The size of the loan should be from $ 2000 up to $ 6500
  • The refund must be made on a payment
  • The loan needs to be granted

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